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About ChemSilico...

The company was founded in January 2002 to develop and market robust in silico predictors for ADMET properties to service professionals working in the drug discovery area.

Founders of ChemSilico have a long history in QSAR modeling, neural net analysis and data mining techniques, and in scientific application software development culminating in award winning products. Our primary focus is the development of fast and accurate predictors for a host of physiochemical parameters vital to the drug discovery process as well as providing associated services for customers in the development of specialized predictors to meet their enterprise-wide needs.

We Came Along Way in a Short Time...

Since its inception the company has developed seven validated predictors and completed a new family of proprietary, molecular descriptors, to complement commonly used topological and E-state descriptors.  Our new products are only a start.  Over the coming months, they will be joined with three more members in the areas of metabolic stability, permeability, and DMSO solubility.

Our Aims at ChemSiIico...

To Meet the needs of our customers:

In today's environment, integrated technology platform solutions means working with customers in deploying our predictors as well as working with other software vendors to make integration successful. Understanding what customers require to make predictive science an integral part of computationally-based drug design is foremost. We are committed to ensure such a process works and works well with our customers.

Product enhancements and improved performance:

Enhancing and improving performance are ongoing activities with ChemSilico.  We feel confident our new predictors will be the standard by which others are judged. Leading edge predictive capabilities mean continual development of improved algorithms, new molecular descriptors, and enlargement of experimental datasets to increase the chemical-descriptor space covered by our predictors. Robustness in estimating physiochemical parameters comes with ever increasing overlap of these two spaces. It's our direction.

Not to be the biggest, just the most trusted...

Development of in silico predictors encompasses sound science, datasets, analysis and data selection techniques. Our aim is to be the most trusted, not the biggest, in the area of predictors by both focusing and improving on what we do best.

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