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Life Science Enterprise Solutions

CambridgeSoft Corporation is the leading supplier of Internet browser and webserver based life science desktop software, enterprise solutions, chemical databases and consulting services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.



Providers of Pharmacokenetic Information

Cyprotex is a specialist provider of technology and information to evaluate and optimize the pharmacokinetic properties of potential drugs early in the drug discovery process.


    eduSoft, LC

Unique and novel computer-based tools for drug design and molecular biology that are modestly priced.


    Interactive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Critical Variable Selection

Neural Network Development

Final Process Optimization


     MDL Information Systems

     ...powering the process of invention

The pioneering leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences

Supercharge your discovery engines...


  zetiq technologies ltd.

A world leader in the field of non-cytotoxic anti-cancer drugs.  Ziteq offers the only viable solution for the high-throughput screening of cancer regulating agents.


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