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ChemSilico consulting provides a highly skilled and dedicated team with years of experience in the QSAR related drug design area.

Development of specialized biopharmaceutical ADMET property predictors based on a client's in-house datasets. Understanding what's important leads to the discovery of what may be better. Many organizations do not have the resources or the time for such an undertaking so important to their success.

In Silico Drug Design Solutions:

Develop libraries to enhance desired properties of drug candidates based on our internal databases of ADMET compound properties coupled to development of specialized predictors covering the chemical-descriptor space of new chemical entities (NCEs).

Develop specialized predictors on results from in vitro testing.  It is one thing to develop QSAR models based on a few hundred data points, developing models covering thousands of datapoints is a vastly different kind of environment.  It calls for advanced data selection techniques and neural net analysis to achieve validated-predictors. Ones you trust to give accurate predictions on NCEs.

Our mission is to advance the client's research and development objectives without redefining the researcher's workflow . Our mission brings a commitment to establish long term relationships with our customers, since we realize that their success becomes our success.

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