putting the focus on ADMET properties

CSLogP   ... a new Log P predictor


... a new leading-edge LogP predictor

As an integral member of the ChemSilico group of predictors, CSLogP  delivers both accuracy and speed.

Exceptionally High Cross-Validation...

Cross-validation on approximately 17,000 compounds gave a Q2 = 0.87 with MAE = 0.46 and R2 = 0.89 with MAE = 0.43 for goodness of fit.


   Process upwards of 2,000 compounds per minute

Import Results...

Directly to ChemFinder™/ISISBase™/MDL QSAR™  for visualization of compounds via CS-SDF output

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CSLogP  Introduction

CSLogP  Experimental

CSLogP Dataset Profile

Methods and Descriptors

Seeing is Believing

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