ChemSilico consulting provides a highly skilled and dedicated team with years of experience in the QSAR related drug design area.

In Silico Drug Design Solutions:

Develop libraries to enhance desired properties of drug candidates based on our internal databases of ADMET compound properties coupled to development of specialized predictors covering the chemical-descriptor space of new chemical entities (NCEs).

Develop specialized predictors on results from in vitro testing.  It is one thing to develop QSAR models based on a few hundred data points, developing models covering thousands of datapoints is a vastly different kind of environment.  It calls for advanced data selection techniques and neural net analysis to achieve validated-predictors. Ones you trust to give accurate predictions on NCEs.

Our mission is to advance the client's research and development objectives without redefining the researcher's workflow . Our mission brings a commitment to establish long term relationships with our customers, since we realize that their success becomes our success.